Their Naughty Student (Office Intrigue)

45869467Their Naughty Student
by Nicole Edwards
Release Date:  May 28, 2019
Publisher: Nicole Edwards, Limited
Book #6 in the Office Intrigue series
Number of Pages:  485
Kindle Edition
Source:  Amazon Pre-Order
Erotic Romance/Menage M/M/F
Rating:  XXX
Read 5/28/19 to 5/29/19


Have you ever wondered who holds the ultimate control in a relationship? More specifically, who wields the power when it comes to Domination and submission? It’s a question I’m driven to answer. Not only because it’s the basis for my dissertation, but also because I’m curious. 

And who better to give me a lesson than Gregory Edge, the tall, dark, and stoic Master who manages the infamous fetish club known as Dichotomy. 

As a favor to my brother, Edge has agreed to give me a tour of the club. Only, we’re not on the same page as to what that entails. Luckily, Edge’s good friend Chris Cavanaugh makes an unexpected appearance, and the blond cowboy sex god has a way of turning the best laid plan on its ear. 

Lesson one: I may not be submissive, but I’m more than willing to explore the subject. 

Especially with these two hot Dominants as my teachers.

This story was not quite what I expected, but I ended up loving it for the sweet and complicated story it ended up being.  While all of the relationships in this book (Edge/Cav, Cav/Jamie, Jamie/Edge) made my heart swell, I found the connection between Edge and Cav particularly touching.

Jamie sure gives Edge and Cav a run for their money.  This story isn’t about a Dom being taken to his knees by a sub, but more about two Doms deciding what they want out of life and being blindsided when they realize the life they want is tied up in a wonderful woman who had previously not been involved in the lifestyle.  Will they change for her? Will she change for them? Does anyone really even have to change, or do they just need to look at things from a different angle?  The exploration into what is and is not “proper” that these characters, especially Edge, have to embark on in this story is really satisfying.  It shows the reader so many aspects of what love is and what commitment can look like.

I didn’t realize at first that this story overlaps Zeke’s story a bit.  Not that you have to read Their Ruthless Sadist to understand this story at all.  But if you have read it, just know that Zeke has not quite gotten to his HEA yet when this story starts.

All three of these characters have so much baggage to unpack, yet the author does a great job of not letting that drag the story down.  The pacing is wonderful and we get just enough to empathize with the characters without being overwhelmed.

Truly, Nicole Edwards has been a must buy for me for quite a while.  She always has a realness to her stories that shows the heart of her characters.  Whether it’s M/F, M/M, M/F/M, M/M/F, whatever…she has a talent for letting the love and connections between her characters shine through.

4 stars

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